Summer Movie League: Week 8


Captain America: Civil War had its 2nd weekend feasting on the box office returns, taking in an estimated $72.6 million over the weekend and bumping its grand total up to $295.9 million.  Sitting at 90% on the Tomatometer, that means that Cap has capped, and it is now in the books as the 2nd movie to reach the $250 million limit this season.

Opening this weekend was Money Monster, which seemed to do a bit more business than anticipated.  It had been predicted in the $9-12 million range, but it looks like it will come in closer to $15 million.  This is a welcomed little bonus for Paula, as the T-meter started off last week in the high 60s and slowly dropped to 56% where it currently sits with 133 reviews.  That gives Paula $8.25 million, and it pretty much assures her that it will be a good value for her, as she only paid $1 for it.  It’s possible that she could net over $15 million from it and maybe $20 million.

Unfortunately and luckily for all of us, nobody rostered The Darkness, which made a paltry $5.1 million and has a 0% on the T-meter.  Nobody has ever had a movie on their roster that had a 0% T-meter.  We all keep hoping it will happen, and we all kind of expect it to either be a terrible horror movie like this or an Adam Sandler movie, which are usually horrors in their own ways.  So far, though, it remains the elusive ugly unicorn of the league.


This coming week is when things start to really kick into gear.  No less than three movies are releasing this weekend, with Neighbors 2: Sorority Row, The Angry Birds Movie, and The Nice Guys opening.  In fact, that is the order I expect them to finish in at the box office, though not 1-2-3.

Currently, Neighbors 2 has stabilized at 66% with 41 total reviews.  It has been in that range pretty consistently for the last week.  If that rating holds, it has a very good chance to unseat Captain America at the top of the box office.  The original had a $49 million opening weekend on its way to a $150 total.  Comedy sequels rarely end up with the same box office total as the original, but the opening weekend for this one could be close to or slightly exceed its predecessor.

As of last week, Angry Birds was down at 46% with only 13 reviews.  As of now it has miraculously jumped to 63% with 43 total reviews.  This is a shocking and unexpected development.  Given that most of the positive reviews are tepid or begrudgingly positive, it’s very possible, maybe even likely, that the number normalizes closer to 50% by Friday.  It could make some decent earnings though.

The Nice Guys, the last new opening next weekend, has the best reviews so far, with a 90% T-meter after 10 reviews.  I expect this number will remain high.  I think the basement for its T-meter is probably 78%, though as someone eagerly anticipating this movie, I hope it remains in the 90s.

There was also some long range news this weekend as some early reviews out of the Cannes Film Festival where Steven Spielberg premiered The BFG.  One reporter said it “recaptured the spirit of E.T.  Others have said that it is Spielberg hitting all of the classic Spielberg notes, but falls short of being amongst his best films.  13 reviews have appeared on Rotten Tomatoes, and it’s currently fresh at 77%.  If this has good word of mouth and more critics are gushing about it between now and its July release it could make some noise at the box office as it opens July 4th weekend.

In other extended forecasts, X-Men: Apocalypse has a 59% rating, up slightly from last week, though it is still only 61 reviews, and there could be upwards of 100 more reviews between now and its release.  Lower T-meter and poor word of mouth could mean the movie does well opening weekend but does not have legs for much sustained box office numbers.  Still, opening on Memorial Day weekend will help its numbers.  Alice Through the Looking Glass hasn’t budged from it’s 22% from 9 reviews.  Other than that, not many other movies in the mix here have any reviews attached to them yet, except, oddly enough, Sausage Party, which doesn’t open until August.  It’s sitting pretty with 100% positive ratings after 7 reviews.


1. Joe – $357.5 million
($30) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – $88.6 million
($19) The Jungle Book – $250 million
($4) Hardcore Henry – $4.4 million
($3) Keanu – $14.5 million
($11) Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – $0
($3) Sausage Party – $0

2. Chris – $246 million
($46) Captain America: Civil War – $250 million
($1) Demolition – $1 million
($0) Bad Moms – -5 million
($10) Central Intelligence
($4) Now You See Me 2
($2) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
($6) Pete’s Dragon

3. Me – $47.3 million
($3) Barbershop: The Next Cut – $47.3 million
($7) The Angry Birds Movie – $0
($10) Alice Through the Looking Glass – $0
($29) X-Men: Apocalypse – $0
($8) Ice Age: Collision Course – $0
($12) The BFG – $0
($1) Free State of Jones – $0

4. Paula – $28.1 million
($5) The Boss – $12.2 million
($7) The Huntsman: Winter’s War – $7.6 million
($1) Money Monster – $8.3 million
($39) Finding Dory – $0
($5) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – $0
($5) Legend of Tarzan – $0
($4) The Nice Guys – $0

5.Tim – $19.7 million
($4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – $17.1 million
($2) Mother’s Day – $2.6 million
($26) Suicide Squad – $0
($20) Star Trek Beyond – $0
($7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – $0
($6) The Conjuring 2 – $0
($3) Kubo and the Two Strings – $0

6. Greg – $0
($8) Ghostbusters – $0
($17) Independence Day: Resurgence – $0
($19) The Secret Life of Pets – $0
($6) Warcraft – $0
($17) Jason Bourne – $0
($3) The Purge: Election Day – $0

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