Summer Movie League: Final Results


Yesterday marked the end of September, and with that the conclusion of the accounting period for the 2016 Summer Movie League. Greg ended up being the champion, taking in a whopping $522.3 million. The Secret Life of Pets was a huge payoff for him, and it was buttressed by the dual $90 million performances of Jason Bourne and Ghostbusters (which was at least a financial success for someone). That helped to offset the disappointing performance of Independence Day: Resurgence and Warcraft. The Purge: Election Year was also very profitable, netting over $40 million as a $3 bid.

The battle for 2nd place ended up not being as close as anticipated, with Chris pulling comfortably ahead of Joe in the final month. He ended up within shouting distance of Greg even, at $495.3 million, with some strong revenue from Pete’s Dragon and Bad Moms late in the game. Bad Moms was indeed a very shrewd pick-up for Chris. Joe, finishing with $472.8 million could not hold Chris off, despite the strong late performance of Sausage Party, which netted him nearly $80 million, which is great for a $3 movie. The critical drubbing of Batman V Superman did him in, and you have to wonder if that’s going to sting for some time. If he had chosen to go with The Secret Life of Pets, which Greg paid $19 for, instead of the $30 he spent on BvS, things could have been different. Instead, he is left wondering what might have been.

The closest race ended up being for 4th place, as Tim and Paula were surprisingly neck and neck, with the totals being $391.7 to $391.5 in Tim’s favor over Paula. The way I tally these is to round off their box office totals to the closest hundred thousandth dollar and then add up their totals. Because that resulted in the difference of just 200K, I decided to do the math for the actual numbers minus the rounding to see if there was any difference. Three of Tim’s movies are still in theaters, so their final Friday numbers from yesterday are estimates, but in the grand scheme of things it didn’t matter. Tim’s actual grand total vs. his rounded off grand total is $394, 733, 746 whereas Paula’s was $391, 333, 142. Tim, like Joe, also has to be kicking himself for picking Suicide Squad over The Secret Life of Pets.

So congratulations once again to Greg. As reward for winning the league, he is allowed to assign me a punishment movie for finishing in last place. He has selected Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the first film in the Star Trek franchise. Frankly, this pleases me as it’s a movie I’ve seen before, and while it is far from a great movie, it is not even the worst Star Trek movie in my opinion (that would be Star Trek V: The Final Frontier). So I must watch this 2001: A Space Odyssey wannabe and write a running diary of it, which I will post to this space. I hope to do that sometime in the month of October, rather than dragging my feet with it like other last place finishers have in the past (I’m looking at you, Tim!).


1. Greg – $522.3 million

($19) The Secret Life of Pets – $250 million

($17) Jason Bourne – $90.4 million

($17) Independence Day: Resurgence – $33 million

($8) Ghostbusters – $93 million

($6) Warcraft – $13.2 million

($3) The Purge: Election Year – $42.7 million

2. Chris – $495.3 million

($46) Captain America: Civil War – $250 million

($10) Central Intelligence – $87.9 million

($6) Pete’s Dragon – $64.8 million

($4) Now You See Me 2 – $22.1 million

($2) Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping – $7.3 million

($1) Demolition – $1 million

($0) Bad Moms – $62.2 million

3. Joe – $472.8 million

($30) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice – $89.2 million

($19) The Jungle Book – $250 million

($11) Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising – $34.3 million

($4) Hardcore Henry – $4.4 million

($3) Keanu – $15.6 million

($3) Sausage Party – $79.3 million

4.Tim – $391.7 million

($26) Suicide Squad – $83.1 million

($20) Star Trek Beyond – $131.4 million

($7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – $31.2 million

($6) The Conjuring 2 – $82 million

($4) My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 – $16.7 million

($3) Kubo and the Two Strings – $45 million

($2) Mother’s Day – $2.3 million

5. Paula – $391.5 million

($39) Finding Dory – $250 million

($7) The Huntsman: Winter’s War – $8.2 million

($5) The Legend of Tarzan – $45.6 million

($5) The Boss – $13.9 million

($5) Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – $16.6 million

($4) The Nice Guys – $33.4 million

($1) Money Monster – $23.8 million

6. Me – $251.2 million

($29) X-Men: Apocalypse – $74.6 million

($12) The BFG – $41.6 million

($10) Alice Through the Looking Glass – $23.1 million

($8) Ice Age: Collision Course – $8.3 million

($7) The Angry Birds Movie – $45.2 million

($3) Barbershop: The Next Cut – $48.6 million

($1) Free State of Jones – $9.8 million

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