Goodnight, Sweet Prince

I’ve always been a fan of movies.  Ever since I was a kid.  One of my earliest memories as a kid was going to see Pinocchio at the drive in with my parents and my grandmother when I was 3.  I remember the drive with my mom on the way to see my first movie in the theater, Transformers: The Movie in 1986.  I remember before having a VCR, we used to rent movies and cartoons on Videodisc.  When we finally did get a VCR, I remember how iconic the VHS covers were for the Star Wars movies and how many times I watched those.  Today, I love going to the theater, sitting in the dark, and watching a movie.  I love sitting near the front so that the screen takes up nearly my entire field of vision.

I started this blog in 2014, but started writing in earnest on it in 2015.  It’s always been just a hobby and side project for me because it something I enjoy.  In that two plus years I have tried to increase my movie theater attendance to maximize the new releases that I see and write about them.  I managed to see 54 films in the theater in 2015 and a staggering (for me anyway) 74 in 2016 and wrote reviews for most of them.  I even managed to double my page views from 2015 to 2016.

This week, just two days ago, in fact, I received a phone call from my friend Chris. We’ve been good friends since college.  We briefly dabbled in doing a podcast together a few years ago, which didn’t gain much traction, but in doing that, he was inspired to start his own podcast about a passion of his, theater, which turned into a blog, which really took off, OnStage Blog.  He told me his was looking to expand into movie reviews and wanted me to be the primary contributor there.  I jumped at the chance because we’re good friends and his readership is significantly bigger than my small little space here.

Initially, the plan was for me to continue writing here and we would basically copy and paste my content to his site.  However, after considering some of the plans he has for the site and what it would take to accomplish that, I’ve decided to devote my future content to his site 100% going forward.  So this will be my last post on this site unless I spectacularly flame out and wind up back here some day in the future.  This blog will still remain here.  There will just be no new content going forward.

Going forward, you can find my writing in the OnScreen section of the OnStage Blog.  I would selfishly hope that if you liked or even possibly enjoyed any of my reviews here that you follow me to my new space on the interwebs.  Pretty much everything I’ve been doing here will continue there.  And I may expand to write about more than just current releases.  I’ve got a DVD/Blu-Ray shelf of nearly 300 films.  And subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime.  And check out the other content on the OnStage Blog, especially if your love theater.  This little blog has been a lot of fun.  I’m excited for what I can do for a bigger one.  Obviously, this isn’t goodbye.  It’s just a change of scenery.

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